Forum group has been established for 25 years as an International leader in creating Fairs, Markets, Development and Management.

The group has venues in such exotic locations as the Canary Islands, as well as Britain and mainland Europe.


Antiques Fairs and Collectors Markets

Retail Markets, Computer Fairs,
Car Boot Sales and other Events
About the Forum Group

This group is now a major force by which the requirements of both private landlords and corporate or Local Authorities are brought together.

By the establishment of Fairs, Regular Markets, Car Boots, and numerous other events, either urban or rural, a vital and exciting new alternative has been created in buildings and other areas that would otherwise lie fallow and unproductive.

Also, creative alternative uses of such areas, especially in the recessional times we live in, stimulates additional shopper's footfall and therefore generates substantial spin-offs for the established retailers in the area.

Antiques Markets. Retail Market stalls, Fairs, Arts and Crafts, Computer Markets, and other numerous events compliment existing sites and shopping centres enhancing the public's perception of the amenities of that particular area.

With a data base mailing list in excess of 20,000 traders residing in the UK and overseas, we are able to launch new market venues with a full trader compliment.

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